Horse Transfer, Registration or Stallion Reports


The Registration Committee is looking forward to assisting you transfer or register your horse.  You can walk through the scenarios and forms below, or simply contact us for advice and we will assist you with the appropriate paperwork.  Reference files are available below, click here.

1. Transfer Certificate of Registration:  If you have purchased a Lipizzan or Lipizzan cross and would like to transfer ownership into your name, click here. 

2. Registration:  If your horse has never been registered in the US before, or has been registered with LANA,  click here.

3. Need Advice:  If you have a special circumstance and need advice, please email us the details of your request at

4. Lost Certificate:  If you have lost your original certificate of registration and would like to replace it, please send us your name, your horse's name and the details of your request via email at

5. Do I have a Lipizzan?  If you would like to DNA test your horse to find out if he/she is a Lipizzan, click here

6. Stallion Reports:  To submit your annual Stallion Report, click here.  

Transfer Certificate of Registration

Congratulations on your purchase of a Lipizzan or Lipizzan cross! Here is the process to transfer ownership.

1. If you are not already a member,  you may join USLF and save on fees. Member prices are quoted; for nonmember prices see USLF Fees Guide.

2. Mail the ORIGINAL Certificate of Registration to the USLF Office. Click here for the mailing address.  The back of the Certificate of Registration must be signed by the owner of record and list the new owner. Also please note if there has been a change in reproductive status.

3. Make payment – either via PayPal available by submitting the form below, or by sending a check to the office with your Certificate of Registration. Transfer fee for members is $15 (within six months of sale), $25 (more than six months after sale) and $62 for a horse registered with a different Lipizzan registry.  If you do not have the original Certificate of Registration or the owner of record has not signed, please contact the USLF Registration Committee through the USLF office by clicking here.

For more information, see Section VI in the USLF Registration Guide


We celebrate the birth of each Lipizzan and Lipizzan cross! Here is the process to register your foal or horse:

1. If you are not already a member,  you may join USLF and save on fees. Member prices are quoted; for nonmember prices see USLF Fees Guide.

2. Pay the registration fee (which includes $47 Parent Verification DNA fee):

  • Horse Registration: $147
  • Discounted Registration (for foals under 6 months of age): $87
  • Registration of a Lipizzan already registered with LANA: $62
  • If you have 5 or more horses to be registered a herd discount is available. Email the USLF Registration Committee at for more information.
  • Make your payment – either via PayPal available by submitting the form below, or by sending a check.  Click here for the USLF office mailing address.

3. Complete the form below to start the registration process. Once the USLF Treasurer confirms receipt of payment to the USLF Registration Committee, you will receive two emails. The first will provide the DNA Submission Form in pdf format which provides instructions on how to collect and submit a hair sample to the UC Davis Veterinary Genetics Laboratory. The second email will provide instructions with a Registration Application for your horse in pdf form to be completed – including all necessary signatures – and submitted to the USLF Registration Committee.

Once a hair sample is received by the laboratory, they may take up to 10 days to process and provide results to the USLF Registration Committee. Once the Registration Committee has received both the results from the laboratory AND the completed registration application, allow 2-3 weeks for processing and issuing the Certificate of Registration.

Horse Naming: USLF rules and guidance for naming Lipizzans and Lipizzan crosses may be found here. In the following form please use the name (or names for a filly) you are requesting for your foal/horse. In the email you receive from the USLF Registration Committee, they will indicate if the name has been approved, or if it needs to be modified for any reason.

Horse DNA Testing for Identity

We are often contacted by people wondering if they have a Lipizzan.  In these situations we can run Parent Verification (PV) DNA on the horse (requires a hair sample) and compare it to our existing database to determine if A) It is an exact match for a previously registered horse, or B) If there are any potential sire or dam matches in our database.  We also have a breed "fingerprint" method under development using the PV DNA that can suggest if a horse is purebred Lipizzan.

To initiate testing, please complete the following form.  The DNA testing fee is $47.  A DNA Submission Form will be emailed to you in pdf format.  

Alternatively, payment may also be made by sending a check directly to the USLF office - make sure to include all the information requested on the below form.  Click here for the mailing address.

Reference Information